Clinical Profile of Dengue Fever in a Tertiary Hospital of Rural South India – A Retrospective Study

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Ritvik Raghu
C. Manokaran
J. Sathiyanarayanan


Introduction: Dengue fever is a globally important arboviral infection transmitted by the Aedes genus of mosquito found in tropical and subtropical regions. Fluid therapy and the identification of the critical phase are the most important aspects of management.

Objectives: To study the clinical profile of patients with Dengue Fever.

Methodology: The patients diagnosed with Dengue Fever would be considered for the study. Data pertaining to the clinic-socio demographic profile of dengue fever would be collected from the patient’s records and analyzed.

Results: It was observed that majority of patients had myalgia as the common associated symptoms with fever and bleeding manifestations was present in 7.7% of patients. Dengue NS1 was positive in 79% of patients. Platelet transfusion was given for 20% of patients. Amongst those who received platelet transfusion 52% patients had bleeding manifestations. Antibiotics was given for 65% of patients which had no significant effect on the duration of stay in hospital and platelet values.

Conclusion: Dengue fever despite its aggressive nature can be effectively managed by maintaining hydration and hemodynamic stability. Platelet transfusion and antibiotic therapy has failed to show any significant improvement in disease outcomes and should be reserved for Severe Dengue Haemorrhagic Shock.

Dengue fever, clinical profile, platelet transfusion, antibiotic therapy.

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Raghu, R., Manokaran, C., & Sathiyanarayanan, J. (2020). Clinical Profile of Dengue Fever in a Tertiary Hospital of Rural South India – A Retrospective Study. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health, 41(1), 60-69.
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